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Warranty and return

The assurance of the optimum warranty

You are assured of quality with a pump from our range. In the event of a defect nevertheless occurring, you can claim under our warranty conditions, pursuant to the conditions of the Dutch organisation for small and medium-sized enterprises in the metal industry Metal Union Conditions. Our own engineers will thoroughly check your defective pump. If the problem is with the actual pump, it will be repaired immediately. If that isn’t possible, a new pump will usually be available for you. So, there are no long waiting periods or time-consuming procedures.
A pump defect may also be caused by the system. We can repair the pump for you in that case too, and advise you on possible changes to your system. It’s also possible to arrange for a thorough analytical check of the entire system, using vibration test equipment, for example. This can help prevent future problems.

Do you want to submit a claim under our warranty?

If you have a problem which you believe the warranty covers, fill in the warranty application as completely as possible. This ensures that we know what it concerns and that we’ll be able to provide you with the best possible service.

Would you like to return a product?

It’s only human to make mistakes, so we can never completely exclude the possibility of something going wrong on our part. If it does, you can count on us to rectify the error immediately for you. In the case of a mistake on your part, we only request you to complete the return request and we will ensure the problem is dealt with correctly. In that context, we try to avoid return costs for goods. However, when dealing with items that were ordered specifically for you or that have to be checked by us (with an opened or damaged packaging), this may not always be possible.

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