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If you have a pump that needs to be repaired or overhauled, Van der Ende Groep has the knowledge and expertise in-house to assist you. We started 25 years ago as a specialist in the repair and overhaul of all brands of pumps, and this is still one of our key activities. The overhaul/exchange system that we developed permits us to minimise delays in your company. Thanks to this system, we almost always have an overhauled version of the most commonly used products in house. All you need to do is hand in your pump and you can then leave with a replacement pump immediately. Both our sites in Maasdijk and Oss offer this service.

Our stock of overhauled exchange pumps and other equipment includes the following brands: Lowara, Wilo, Grundfos, Johnson, Ebara, Stork, Duijvelaar, Ridder, Honeywell, Centra, Vacon and Hydrovar.

Our mechanics can answer any questions you may have. Do you only need to replace a part? Would you like your motors to be bound or rewound? Or do you require an innovative modification to your pump?

The assistance that Van der Ende Groep provides is not restricted to pumps alone Valves, motors, fans, frequency regulators, delay motors, worm-gear speed reducers and so forth also fall within the company’s scope of expertise. We are familiar with practically every brand. Each pump and technical component is thoroughly tested after it has been repaired or overhauled. We can also provide assistance with pumps and installations that are too large or heavy for a complete overhaul. The solution here involves a partial overhaul on site. In such a case, blasting and spraying can be skipped, but you can still rest assured that you will receive optimum maintenance.

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