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Are you searching for a project partner to whom you can entrust a lot of work? If so, Van der Ende Groep is the project partner you are looking for. A partner that can design, build and install your system. A partner that boasts considerable and extensive experience in fountain installations all the way through to sewer systems. Do you require a simple installation, such as replacing a valve in a sewer pump station or installing a new pressure pipe? Or do you have a more complex project, such as replacing booster pump systems or the complete delivery and installation of a sewage pumping
station along with a concrete well, multiple pumps and a switch box with telemetric controls? We are standing by to help you by drawing on our wealth of expertise, and to live up to our reputation as a reliable partner.

Van der Ende Groep has realised the following types of projects in the Netherlands and abroad, to name but a few:

*To achieve optimum performance of the Airmix ventilation/circulation system, good control is essential. A variety of climate computers...

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*Implementation of the Water Framework Directive in 2018 imposed limits to Dutch growers for discharging drain water into sewers and...

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*A Boeing 737, powered by Moor Filtertechniek? That might be taking slightly too much credit for our role in the aircraft manufacturing...

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*Outdoor temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. Humidity between 70 and 80%. Pieces of rock flying around. These aren’t the conditions in...

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*Long summers with very little rain. This is a problem not only for Western Europe: South Korea too suffers from extreme drought in the...

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