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Phyto-Drip® wins innovation prize

Syngenta has introduced the Phyto-Drip machine in Belgium. This machine can be used by growers to apply chemical and biological products and micro fertilisers to the seedlings. The machine is fully computer controlled and applies a drop of liquid on the seed immediately after sowing.

This machine was judged by the organisation of the agricultural salon in Roeselare as the most innovative development at the exhibition. At the moment, Cruiser in Belgium is registered for using the Phyto-Drip in lettuce. Work is currently under way for other products for other plants. All the developments for vegetable cultivation are marketed by Syngenta under the name FarMore.

What is Phyto-Drip?

The new innovative seed treatment:

  • During the sowing process, the grower ‘drips’ very accurately a drop of plant protection product on each seed.
  • Computer driven high tech electro-magnetic valves dose, fully controlled, without loss or spillage, one drop of liquid onto each seed.
  • Combinations of products can be used (after compatibility and plant safety study).

The advantages of Phyto-Drip compared to other seed treatments are:

  • Very accurate application of the desired dosages.
  • All the product is applied where it must do its work.
  • Very short order/delivery times.
  • Safer for the plant with an equivalent working.
  • More usable plants per tray or container.
  • No chemically polluted trays or containers.

For more information about FarMore, Cruiser and Phyto-Drip, please contact:
Franky Vandenberghe 0475900850 or René Huijsmans 0031622437886.

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Phyto-Drip is a registered trademark of Precision Drip B.V.
Cruiser and FarMore are registered trademarks of Syngenta.