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Van der Ende Groep is nominated for two GreenTech Live & Online 2020 Awards

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The Airmix (model G) for an optimum greenhouse climate and the Nexus High Performance Reverse Osmosis for clean irrigation water are both nominated for the GreenTech Live & Online 2020 Awards. The Airmix in the category Innovation and the Nexus HPRO in the category Sustainability. The products that are eligible for these awards are regarded as the most innovative and trendsetting products on the national and international (glass)greenhouse market.

The awards, for which the Airmix and Nexus HPRO have been nominated, are divided in the following categories:

  • The GreenTech Innovation Award will be awarded to the most unique, high-tech and advanced technological innovation;
  • The GreenTech Sustainability Award will be awarded to the best sustainable solution.

The winners will be announced on Tuesday 20 October during the opening of GreenTech Live & Online 2020.

Airmix (model G)
Revolutionary mounting system

The Airmix system is designed to create an optimum growth climate. The Airmix has modulating valves to ensure that the right mixture of warm and cold air is drawn into the greenhouse. This makes it possible to provide ventilation and dehumidification with closed screens. The Airmix also works as a horizontal circulation system and is therefore multifunctional. This enables the system to provide ‘controlled’ ventilation, and means that, under cold weather conditions, it is no longer necessary to create a gap in the screen to allow moisture and/or heat to be discharged outside. Creating a gap in the screen can cause considerable differences in temperature and will also result in a substantial loss of energy.

Advantages Airmix (model G):

  • No need to open the screen for a small gap
  • No cold draughts; fewer temperature fluctuations
  • Energy saving, as the screen can be kept closed longer
  • Controlled moisture extraction according to relative humidity
  • Cooling with a closed blackout screen and artificial lighting
  • Suitable for all types of screen systems
  • No light emission with artificial lighting
  • Easy to integrate in new and existing greenhouses
  • Model G: new model, where the Airmix is attached to a gutter, eliminating the need for a hole in the screen. Suitable for single, double and triple-layer screen sytems 

Nexus High Performance Reverse Osmosis (HPRO)
Recovery up to 95%

Water scarcity, the sustainability debate and legislation relating to ground water use: these are all topics of great current interest that helped inspire Van der Ende Groep to develop the Nexus High Performance Reverse Osmosis (HPRO) system. The Nexus HPRO has an innovative hydraulic design in combination with artificial intelligence (AI) and was entirely developed by Van der Ende Groep itself. The Nexus HPRO can achieve recovery rates up to 95%. A conventional reverse osmosis (RO) system constantly discharges (‘purges’) the concentrate, but this is not the case with the Nexus HPRO: it recycles the concentrate and repeats the process of extracting water. It can do this because sensors collect data and apply e-Meta intelligence (AI) to determine the optimum moment for the Nexus HPRO to purge the concentrate. The energy consumption of the Nexus HPRO is also much lower than that of conventional ROs.

The Nexus HPRO systems feature e-Meta intelligence, the brand under which Van der Ende Groep develops self-learning solutions to increase operating efficiency and sustainability. This makes the Nexus HPROs self-modifying and self-learning: a big step forward compared with the more traditional ROs. The Nexus HPRO is ideal for many applications, including: the processing industry and other industries, the agricultural sector, greenhouse and other horticulture facilities, drinking water companies, car washes and the food & beverage segment.

Advantages Nexus HPRO:

  • Higher recovery rate
  • More yield in times of water scarcity
  • Lower consumption of raw water
  • Less waste water
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Helps to achieve CSR goals
  • Lower operating costs

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