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We offers a complete package of technical solutions. The one-stop-shopping concept is unique thanks to the company’s wide range of products and years of experience and expertise in advice, design, installation, repair and overhaul. Service is one of the company’s key focal points. We distinguish ourselves from competitors through our high level of flexibility and technical service. The company is also a reliable partner for projects.

Why should you choose for Van der Ende Groep:

We sell high-end brands

The products of these brands are tested in-house before inclusion in our range. Many of our own quality brands have occupied a prominent position within the most diverse sectors after years of development. We are also constantly in search of new products that can complement our range. The company has ISO 9001:2008 certification and therefore operates in careful compliance with the requirements imposed on its quality management system.

We share our knowledge with you

We support our range of products through an extensive and thorough service system, and provide professional advice that includes documentation and product training afternoon sessions at your request or during the introduction of a new product. We are glad to share our knowledge with you.

We think together with you

We analyse, advise and calculate with the aim of providing you with the best performance. Our technicians are on hand to carry out preventive maintenance and repairs and to install complex projects. Our well-organised emergency repair service is on standby 24/7. Van der Ende Groep’s technicians are equipped with all the tools and instruments needed to resolve calamities immediately. If required, they can provide alternative solutions to ensure the continuity of your company. Maintaining a comprehensive stock and striving
for short delivery times are self-evident, in our opinion.

We are flexible

Flexibility is one of the keywords of Van der Ende Groep and is possible thanks to the short lines within the company. You notice this for example when we respond to a failure quickly and adequately or come up with an emergency solution on site.

We have a well-organised repair service

You are assured of quality when you purchase a product from our range. We guarantee that you can expect global assistance and support thanks to the strong partnerships we have forged with our suppliers and dealers.

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