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Our quality quarantee

To guarantee quality in the company, we mainly deploy employees who are concerned with delivering quality day in day out. We create an attitude that makes all employees want to do their work well by instilling in them the idea that the final quality is their main concern, rather than the costs or time they spend on what they are doing. Quality is checked using an ongoing inspection process carried out by managers in the workshop and sales staff who visit customers to gauge their level of satisfaction.

The health, safety and environment (HSE) policy is important for the company because Van der Ende is a socially-oriented, low-threshold company and wants to remain that way. We have a low sickness-absence rate and employee turnover, which we can maintain by looking after our employees properly and preventing personal injuries.

Van der Ende aims to provide employees with a safe workspace; they have to have suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) and the opportunity to use it and to work safely. Work doesn’t have to be completed as soon as possible, at any price, as long as it’s carried out safely, paying due regard to quality. Operational employees are offered contractors’ safety checklist (SCC) training, and everyone receives a manual on the safety rules and regulations upon joining the company. Moreover, to ensure the safety of customers and maintenance employees, development work on new products is carried out in accordance with the Machinery Directive, Low-voltage Directive, Electromagnetic Components (EMC) Directive and the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

The aforementioned policy applies to all permanent and temporary employees and third parties of Van der Ende. It takes two parties to ensure the policy’s success; employees, temporary or otherwise, are therefore expected to try to work safely and in accordance with the regulations. This also includes reporting accidents and near accidents, and holding each other to account about the use of PPE and safe working practices.

Working responsibly with raw materials and waste reduces the impact on the environment, which not only prevents heavy fines but is also necessary for the company’s continued existence. So we separate waste and dispose of it safely, try to save energy and, wherever possible, purchase products with an environmental quality mark.

Van der Ende’s management directs our employees’ work taking into account the following points:

  • increasing the professionalism of our employees
  • our employees’ safety and welfare and ongoing environmental improvements
  • preventing accidents/near accidents and environmental and property damage
  • meeting and continuing to meet the requirements of legislation and regulations
  • continuing to deliver quality
  • continuing to meet customer expectations

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