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Van der Ende Oss

At the Van der Ende THO division in Oss you will find an almost complete range of products from the Van der Ende Groep. Van der Ende THO was founded in 1992 as an independent limited company under the name Van der Ende Perslucht BV, as the specialist arm for compressors and pneumatics within the Van der Ende Groep. In due course, Van der Ende Perslucht - in addition to selling, repairing and assembling compressors – also came to encompass the other activities of the Van der Ende Groep. Since the name ‘Van der Ende Perslucht BV’ no longer covered the extent of the company’s activities, it was changed to Van der Ende Technische Handelsonderneming BV in 1997. Meanwhile, Van der Ende THO has also become a fully-fledged division within the Van der Ende Groep.

24 hours servicing

Van der Ende THO has its own department for service and maintenance. A team of well-trained, specialist engineers provide a 24/7 service for many municipalities in the north-eastern Brabant region, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of thousands of sewerage pump installations. But our engineers are also frequently deployed to repair and maintain pumps for a variety of industries in Oss and the surrounding districts. It is no coincidence that Van der Ende THO is one of the three service partners of Lowara in the Netherlands.


We can tackle the overhaul of various brands of pump and engine in our well-equipped workshop. In addition, light construction work and pump assembly are included among the various activities of Van der Ende THO.
Needless to say, working safely according to pre-set procedures is a top priority for Van der Ende THO, which is an ISO and VCA certified business.


Whether you want to purchase a pump, frequency controller, complete fountain installation or any of the other high-grade products or services offered by the Van der Ende Groep, our experienced sales team will be happy to provide you with expert advice and supply a competitive quote if required. Of course, Van der Ende THO is also the place to come to if you need to set up a maintenance contract.

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